Athlete Assessment

By using Athletic Republics acceleration program, we can give you more than just speed! The foundation of our athletes success comes from our Test-Teach-Train approach to athlete development. By assessing every athletes strengths and weaknesses we are able to create a personalized sports performance training program that takes into consideration the time of year, sport(s), position(s), physical development, skill level and performance goals.



The testing and assessment process is performed durning the athletes first sessions. These assessments are used to establish a performance baseline by measuring key areas of sports performance.

  1. Gait Analysis - Being able to move efficiently is a key component in avoiding injury. During the “gait” we have the athlete walk or run on a treadmill while one of or sports performance trainers watches the way the athlete moves, looking in particular at the feet, ankles, knees and hips. By doing this we can highlight any biomechanical abnormalities we see and from there design a specific stretching and strengthening plan for the athlete based off of any abnormalities we find.
  2. Flexibility Assessment -  Flexibility is perhaps the most neglected element of an athletes strength and conditioning program. Largely because many athletes simply don’t understand the importance flexibility has on achieving a higher level of sports performance and in preventing injuries. During our flexibility assessment we will look at the athletes range of motion on the hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, iliotibial band (IT Band) and calves.
  3. Strength and Agility - Utilizing Athletic Republics plyometic patterns, athletes perform a variety of both unilateral and bilateral movements for time to establish a performance baseline. This information allows us to determine any deficits in an athletes core control, dynamic stability as well as any bilateral strength differences.
The test results are interpreted in relation to an athletes physical development, sport and position training goals and are applied to develop an individualized training program.
Upon completion of a training program we re-test the athlete to measure performance improvements, track progression and set new performance goals.

To improve every athletes training experieince, our trainers create a unique environment to help each athlete understand what he or she needs to do to improve in their sport. Understanding this is key to measuring athletic ability. This is why all of our trainer have a Bachelors degree in the health and fitness field as well as having had completed a comprehensive education and certification process in order to become sports performance training experts in the fields of biomechanics, strength training, cardiovascular fitness, performance recovery and exercise prescription. Combined with our 1:4 trainer to athlete ratio we are able to focus on an athletes individual technique to improve their overall athletic efficiency, reducing risk of injury and providing a positive mentoring role that helps athletes learn what it takes to become successfull.

Here we train with the most scientifically proven training programs available using our  propriety equipment and individualized sports training protocols. We are able to give every athlete the ultimate sports performance training experience. Over 700,000 athletes world wide have enhanced their speed, power and agility thanks to Athletic Republics sports performance training programs.

Contact us to sign up or as any questions you might have about how our training program can help you or your athlete become a faster, quicker and smarter competitor.