Concussion Protocol Program

The ImPACT Program is a computerized neurocognitive test and is, unequivocally, the most accurate and sensitive way of managing a concussion in athletes.  It consists of a 20-40 minute computerized baseline test given prior to the start of the athletic season and then repeated should an injury to the brain occur. A review and neurologic exam is then conducted during an office visit by Dr. DePuydt at OrthoWashington.  Only after an athlete has returned to baseline, are they ready to return to play.

The long term goal of the ImPACT program is to protect the brain and to help prevent chronic central nervous function problems such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Many of the NFL and NHL professional football and hockey players in their 40’s and 50’s have developed the syndrome of CTE.  These athletes have experienced multiple concussions that were not managed scientifically as we did not have computerized neurocognitive testing.  When a concussion is managed scientifically using the ImPACT Program, the probability of having a second impact syndrome, i.e. a concussion on top of a concussion should not occur.

Washington Institute and Credentialed ImPACT Consultant, Dr. DePuydt of OrthoWashington’s goal is to offer our athletes and patients the highest quality of care and insure a safe return to activity and prevent any central nervous system problems. Dr. DePuydt’s larges concern as a Sports Medicine Physician is with adolecent athletes, ages 10-17, playing recreational to premeir soccer, football, lacrosse and hockey becuase this is a large population of athletes that have little to no access to athletic trainers or team physicians. In addition, the neurons in the brains of adolecents do not fully develop until age 19.Research also shows that this is a high risk age group that is more susceptible to concussions and recurrent concussions.

Dr. DePuydt has worked with several high schools and is the medical administrator for the ImPACT Program at Interlake High School and The Seattle Mist women’s football team. He is also currently working at the international level with around 400 of the UFC’s professional fighters as well as the State of Washington Athletic Commission to implement using the ImPACT Program for both professional boxing and MMA.