Plyometrics and Plyoplatform Training

Plyometrics includes activities designed to improve an athletes ability to move quickly and explosively. A variety of footwork drills and special exercises are utilized which accentuate quickness of movement, helping to develop power and reaction time. Advanced Plyoplatform training uses plyocords.

Almost all team sports involving the offense and defense playing against one another require multi-directional movements. The ability to adapt to directional changes as quickly as possible while maintaining body control is essential and must be developed through practice. That's where our Plyometrics Program comes in.

Designed to work in conjunction with our other Programs or as stand-alone training, the plyometrics Program involves a variety of footwork drills and special exercises that enhance an athlete's ability to change directions quickly and explosively.

Through specialized equipment such as our multi-layered Plyo Platform, athletes perform these drills in a variety of directions that mimic the multi-directional movements found in most sports. By training the feet, legs, hips and torso to maintain these various positions and transition to other positions, participants optimize their potential to excel on the field or court.

Safety of the athlete is #1. Athletes train in a controlled environment allowing trainers to inform them of the specific drills prior to beginning. All athletes are under adult supervision during training sessions.

Plyometric training improves balance and awareness of body position, as well as strengthens hips, improves vertical lift and develops quickness and lateral agility.

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