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This program is about reaching your health potential, achieving energy to do everything you want to do, being the best that you can be at any age, and being in charge of your life and health, while lowering your risk for disease and illness.

This program is focused on improving the overall health of the adult population, taking into account the typical health status and health problems often experienced by this group. The program focuses on individual health improvements, the early identification and modification of risk factors for disease and the integration of exercise and fitness into the adult lifestyle.

Participant demographics range from athletic adults of all ages, to the sedentary but otherwise healthy middle aged man or woman, to the older person or senior who may be overweight or have high blood pressure or orthopedic problems.

Since each participant has their own individualized program and exercise prescription anyone can join and experience success with greater fitness and be able to achieve other personal health improvement goals.

Many participants use this program to maintain a foundation of improved health and levels of fitness so that they are able to perform any work or recreational activity they attempt, such as gardening, tennis, or hiking, while minimizing the potential for injury and soreness.

This program provides a safe and effective environment for individuals of all ages and capabilities. It is staffed by health professionals. The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine and Health is conveniently located near Evergreen Medical campus. Many of the people who work on, around, and near the campus, use this program as their wvrksite fitness program, stopping in on their way to work, at lunch break or after work, often times walking to the program site.

Services and Programs

Introductory Fitness Principles

This program can take the sedentary individual and provide individualized instruction so that the beginning exerciser has everything they need to be successful and stay with the program. if you've ever tried to start a program and didn't succeed, this program is for you. You begin at your own level, achieving results based upon sound medical and scientific principles, with as much or as little professional supervision by our knowledgeable staff as you may need.

Individualized Monitoring, Training & Instruction

On-site professional staff is available to assist, support, and provide consultation in all aspects of each participant's program. Each staff has the appropriate background and degree to provide the expertise which is expected of this type of program.

Injury Prevention & Recovery

The Orthopedic clinic at Washington Sports Medicine Institute offers comprehensive services which can prevent, assess, and treat sports medicine injuries.

Sport Specific Adult Athletic Training Programs

Individual development programs are offered for adult athletes who are involved in age group competitions or sports such as marathons, 10k runs, tennis, golf, swimming, soccer, softball, cycling, climbing, track & field, etc.

High Blood Pressure Control

This specific program targets borderline or high blood pressure. It incorporates current health status, nutritional and dietary components, specialized exercise prescription and monitoring, taking in to account BP medications. We will work with your physician as needed

Back Health

Parameters associated with improving back health through appropriate exercise prescriptions are incorporated, focusing on flexibility and strength of anterior and posterior muscles of the torso and hip girdle. More severe back problem require consultation with your physician and physical therapist.

Seniors Program

Program professionals understand the health characteristics of the senior population taking into account such things as functional capabilities, strength, flexibility, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and other health history problems relating to remaining mobile, independent and active.

Benefits Associated with Regular Exercise in the Adult Population

Evidence of the multiple health benefits of regular physical activity continues to mount. It can help prevent and manage:

Coronary Heart Disease


High Blood Pressure

Mental Health Problems/Stress

Non-insulin Dependent Diabetes


Regular physical activity may also be associated with:

Lower Incidence of Stroke

Better Ability to Stop Smoking

Decreased Rate of Colon Cancer

Better Quality of Life

Increased Longevity

Increased Energy Level


Regular exercise is defined as a combined minimum of at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. Exercise that is performed at a level of 60% or higher of maximal capacity has other benefits as well. Other benefits include improvements in:

Muscular Strength

Body Fat Percentage

Muscular Endurance

Cardiac and Lung Efficiency

Lean Body Mass

Oxygen Transport and Utilization