Dr. DePuydt, Credentialed ImPACT Consultant

As a Credentialed ImPACT Concussion Physician (CIC), Thomas G. DePuydt, M.D., in association with us here at Washington Institute of Sports Medicine and our Physical Therapy Director, Mike Lewis, is implementing the ImPACT Concussion Program in the greater Seattle area, focusing on adolescent athletes and increasing the quality of care to those athletes.  Dr. DePuydt is particularly concerned with adolescent athletes ages 10-18, participating in recreational soccer, football, lacrosse and hockey that typically do not have access to certified athletic trainers or team physicians.

Thomas G. DePuydt, M.D. has been a sports medicine physician for the past 42 years. He received his medical degree from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan and did his post graduate training at Blodgett Memorial Medical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Prior to moving to the Seattle area in 1979, he practiced family medicine in Petoskey, Michigan which included general obstetrics, pediatrics, and internal medicine with a particular emphasis on preventative and sports medicine. Dr. DePuydt attended The Cooper Clinic in Houston, Texas and applied this protocol to his preventative medicine practice. He was Chief of the Emergency Room and of the Family Practice Departments at Lockwood McDonald Hospital, team physician for Petoskey High School and coach of the cross-country ski team for Petoskey High.   Dr. DePuydt started the first Billy Koch ski league for the Petoskey area, had a weekly radio program devoted to sports and wellness and was also a certified cross-country ski instructor.

After moving to the Seattle area, he became the Director of Preventative Medicine at Ballard Sports Medicine Clinic with a full time primary sports medicine practice.  He and Steven T. Bramwell, M.D. then co-owned Washington Sports Medicine Clinic in Kirkland, WA for 10 years prior to opening Eastside Sports Medicine Clinic as a solo practice from 1989-1999.

After a brief 2 year sabbatical, he returned to practice with Dr. Bramwell at Washington Sports Medicine Clinic, where he currently has a full time sports medicine and specialty concussion practice and is also the team physician for Interlake High School in Bellevue, WA and the Seattle Mist.  He obtained his credentials for the ImPact Concussion Program and, in conjunction with the Washington Institute of Sports Medicine, is now incorporating treatment for concussion using the ImPact protocol for athletes including, to but not limited to Interlake High School and The Seattle Mist. Dr. DePuydt is a lead ring side physician for the Washington Athletic Commission and has covered over 100 professional boxing and MMA fights, as well as the three UFC fights in Seattle. He is the sports medicine physician for several of the current top ranked UFC fighters. He is involved in bringing the ImPact program to the forefront in the diagnosis and treatment of concussions in pugilistic sports at the state and international level.

Dr. DePuydt has been team physician for the following teams in the greater Seattle area over the past 35 years: University of Washington, Bellevue Community College, Northwest College, Seattle Sounders, Seattle Thunderbirds, Seattle Mist, Newport High School, Cedarcrest High School, and the Inglemore High School Wrestling team. Over the years he has treated hundreds of Olympic, Interscholastic, Intercollegiate, professional, and recreational athletes. In 2004 he was named the “Top Sports Medicine Doc” by the Seattle magazine in their yearly “Top Doc” picks.  Dr. DePuydt has been involved in many sports and has competed in the following sports: power lifting, squash, handball, racquetball, football, baseball, cross-country skiing, windsurfing and bicycle racing.

Dr. DePuydt currently resides in the Carnation-Duvall area with his wife, Julie and is the father of 4 and grandfather of 7.  He continues to be active participating in golf, cross country skiing, windsurfing, racquetball, handball and kayaking as part of his personal wellness program.