Key Features of the ImPACT Test

  • Measures athletes symptoms
  • Measures verbal and visual memory, processing speed and reaction time
  • Reaction time is measured to a 1/100th of a second
  • Assists clinicians and athletic trainers in making difficult return to play decisions
  • Provides reliable baseline test information
  • Produces a comprehensive report of test results
  • Automatically stores data from repeat testing

The test modules consist of a near infinite number of alternate forms by randomly varying the stimulus array for each administration. This feature was built in to the program to minimize the “practice effects” that have limited the usefulness of more traditional neurocognitive tests.

The program measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning in athletes, including:

  • Attention span
  • Working memory
  • Sustained and selective attention time
  • Response variability
  • Non-verbal problem solving
  • Reaction time