We are credentialed with most insurance companies. Insurance companies are always updating, changing and offering new plans. IT IS EACH PATIENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN OUTPATIENT PHYSICAL THERAPY HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS.

 You should always contact your insurance company to validate your individual coverage. Phone the number listed on the back of your Health Insurance card and talk to your representative to confirm your reimbursement benefits.

Some of the questions you need to ask and the benefits to consider:

      1. Is Washington Physical Therapy and Rehab credentialed with your insurance company plan?
      2. What is your yearly deductible?
      3. How much of the deductible have you met this year, and how much is left until benefits start in?
      4. Do you have a CO-PAYMENT?
      5. LIMITATIONS?: How many visits for physical therapy per year does your plan allow, and is there a maximum amount per year that your plan will pay.
      6. Have you yet used up any of your physical therapy visits or benefits yet this year?
      7. Referral: Is a physician referral required by your plan, and does the referral need to be by your PCP (Primary Care Physician), or can it be from a specialist?
      8. PRE-AUTHORIZATION: Do you need pre-authorization prior to your first visit, or is there a set number of visits before authorization is need to continue?
      9. Are there services and products not covered by your plan?
      10. Percent Paid: Many plans only pay a % of the total amount per visit; the remaining % is your co-insurance (the amount that is your responsibility).
      11. CO-INSURANCE: If you have health insurance, you most likely will have a co-insurance amount due to Washington Physical Therapy....What you owe after you have already made your co-pays at each visit, and your plan has paid their covered %.
      12. Are there any other benefits/limitations to know about? All insurance companies have various and numerous plans, and everyone is different. All plans are continuously changing. Generally, the more expensive your plan, the greater benefits are available. The less expensive plans, even with very good insurance carriers offer fewer benefits. Plans benefits are always changing. Keep up to date with your plan

The patient is responsible for all charges for services rendered regardless of insurance reimbursement. As a courtesy to you we bill your insurance company. We are not responsible for their determination of payment....That is between you and your insurance company.

The following therapists are practicing at Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Please confirm that they are preferred providers on your plan:

HOWARD L. ROTH,   P.T.                        







Washington Institute of Sports Medicine  |  12707 120th Ave NE # 100 Kirkland, WA  98034  |  425-820-2110