Body Pod


The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine and Health, in Kirkland, has been using State-of the Art Technology to assess body composition for almost 4 years. They have performed over 3,000 evaluations using the Body Pod.

This technology uses air displacement. Compared to previous methods of testing body fat. The Body Pod is quick, comfortable, and extremely accurate. If a person can distinguish between their fat content and lean component, and they are told what their anatomical ideal weight should be, they will be able to succeed in attaining their ideal body composition. Athletes want to gain muscle mass, while others desire to maximize fat loss. Most people know what they weigh on the scale, but experts say that it is more important to know your body fat and body composition. With an initial measurement, you have a baseline that you can compare values against after you've been losing weight or started physical activity. With re-measurements, you can find out if you are losing fat and putting on lean muscle, or if you are cutting into lean muscle with weight loss. The problem with most other methods is that they are not always accurate. Correct body composition information is necessary so that you know what your ideal weight should be and if your program is working. Experts agree that the best way to optimize fat loss, and gain lean mass is through appropriate diet, combined with aerobic and resistance exercise. The Institute also has programs that can get you started on proper nutrition for weight loss and exercise prescription programs.



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