At the heart of our program is our proprietary ACCELERATION performance training equipment that is designed and built specifically for the Assessment and Training protocols that the athletes undergo. In training, they deliver expected results every time. In our optimal athletic performance environment, with a combination of our State-of-The-Art equipment coupled with experienced and qualified professional trainers, our athletes find they quickly progress beyond all their preconceived goals and limitations. Every aspect of the program is focused on developing the athlete for speed and quickness, skill, power and agility. The WASHINGTON INSTITUTE’S ACCELERATION TRAINING CENTER is like no other!


To be faster and more explosive on the field or court, you have to train your body to move quicker and faster than it currently is able to. We use the Super Treadmill to achieve OVER-SPEED training, only possible with a device that pushes the athlete faster than their own running velocity capabilities would be otherwise.

The Super Treadmills can reach speeds as high as 28 MPH and are built for cushioning, decreasing knee and ankle stress by up to 60% at the foot strike. Using our sports specific protocols, the Super Treadmill safely pushes athletes beyond their ground based training limits by forcing them to work harder and run more efficiently to reach peak speeds and maintaing them for longer durations. This is referred to as “Overspeed Training”. By running at faster speeds, the athlete is able to increase stride frequency. Each treadmill session consists of speeds and training intervals that are scientifically designed to develop the neuromuscular pathways for a quicker response and more strides per unit of time.

Utilizing the results of the Gait Analysis obtained during the evaluation process, gait deficiencies are addressed during each treadmill session, working towards the goal of increased biomechanical linear efficiency and speed.

Along with high speeds that the Super Treadmill is capable of, it also inclines to 40%. By elevating the grade, athletes learn to maintain a forceful knee drive, proper pelvic and core trunk positioning and full extension with every stride, also developiung better trunk core strength. Dynamic Strength and Flexibility deficits are addressed by adjusting the incline to force increased strength of the hip flexors and increased dynamic and ballistic  flexibility of the hip extensors. Most athletes (young athletes, as well as professional athletes) have an imbalance of the strength and flexibility of the hip flexors and hip extensors, which will always impede speed and predispose the athlete to increased lower extremity injuries.

Our Super Treadmill is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, delivering game changing explosive speed! Just ask the parents of athletes who have been in the program, or the athletes themselves.

Typically,  a high school female runner, upon evaluation when starting the ACCEELERATION PROGRAM, is capable of running 12 - 13 MPH. The goal by the end of 12 weeks, which most achieve is attaining 17 mph.

The average high school male athlete, when starting the program is able to run 14-`15 mph. By the end of 12 weeks, their goal is 20 mph, which most will achieve.


When you compete in an athletic position, you need to train for those positions. The Plyo Press’ unique design allows athletes to achieve the benefits of lower body strength training in ways that also benefit speed and explosive power, while minimizing injuring while doing so. The angle of the footplate puts the athlete in an athletic position to produce force safely through the balls of the feet, and not the heels like most ground based squat exercises.

Because the work load can be controlled, the Plyo Press allows the safest possible training. Depending upon the athletes condition, the Plyo Press can exercise muscles with loads less than or greater than their body weight, a feat impossible in squats and floor based plyometrics. The sled supports the low back and reinforces proper mechanics when lifting heavy weights or doing explosive jumps.

Most gyms will have Leg Press Machines whereupon the trainee pushes a weight slowly with their legs, much like a squat would be.

The Plyo Press looks much like a Leg Press Machine, but different in the way ot is built and utilized.  It is specifically designed  for power jumps and safe explosive dynamic movements. The bed travel length allows for full jumps, with varying resistance weights. It is not strength by itself that athletes think that they desire, but it is the application of power which is a combination of strength and velocity which yields outstanding athletic performance. The Plyo Press trains for power (Strength x Speed).


Plyometrics can improve your balance and proprioceptive awareness of your body position. They also strengthen hips, improve vertical lift and develop your quickness, lateral agility and ability to change direction very quickly, what every athletes needs. Unfortunately, the plyometrics and flooring used by some sports training programs aren’t safe because of the sever pounding they give the knees, ankles and shins. Our plyometric floor is built specifically for this purpose, offering cushioning movement during the athletic maneuvers. Our protocols safely challenge the athletes as our exclusively multi-layered Plyo Floor absorbs excess stress. Not only is our Plyo Floor a cushioned wood surface with five exclusive patterns, but it also has quick lock resistance cord hooks to maximize quickness and explosiveness while improving dynamic stability, essential for improving skills and overall athleticism.

The Plyo Floor is ideal for sport specific training , and we use precisely designed plyometic protocols for specific results. We further tailor your program based on your bodies strengths and weaknesses which will help develop keen body awareness , strength, agility and quicker response time. Our plyometic workouts help our athletes to quickly outmaneuver competitors, respond instantly to ball location and cross field transitions.


The Sprintcord’s unique patented design makes replication of this technology impossible. The Sprintcord’s ability to provide specific loading to the hip flexor and knee extensors in the actual sequence that these muscles contract, enable the athlete to replicate the exact motion of running with precisely applied resistance. This ability to transfer resistance from one muscle group to another during athletic movements is used in conjunction with the Super Treadmill and Plyo Floor. We also do “Sprintcord Floorwork” that allows us to intensify and replicate sport specific training and it allows us to build powerful motion into every athlete’s sport.


Used to develop throwing, shooting and serving abilities in sports such as baseball, softball, track field events, lacrosse, tennis and hockey. The patented Throwing Cord provides precise loading of all the muscles associated with throwing, shooting and serving. Because athletes are able to go through a complete motion needed for their sport with a ball, stick or racket in hand the realism of this equipment is unparalleled. The Throwing Cord provides resistance to the hips, torso, shoulders and arm in the exact sequence of high velocity throwing mechanics. Studies to date with college and professional players have shown an average increase of four miles per hour in throwing speed.


Weather for a place kick, punt, soccer kick or martial arts kick, the patented Kicking Cord provides sequential loading of all the muscles from the hip down. Because kicking is a power related skill, pure strength will not necessarily mean more power. The cord selectively loads the hip, quadriceps and lower leg in the exact sequence of any kick. With use of the Kicking Cord athletes have seen an average of approximately 10 yards of increased distance.