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DXA Body Composition Scan

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Body Composition Scan

Regular Pricing DXA Body Composition (Includes Scan, Reports, and Individual Interpretation, Consultation)

  • Single Scan:        $125.00

Add *Whole Body Bone Density Screen : $75.00

*The Whole Body Bone Density Screen is a Comprehensive Screening Scan which assesses ALL bones in the body, yielding a Total Body Summary Bone Density Value and a Total Body Summary Z-Score and T-Score.

The Whole Body Bone Density Screen is not used for medical diagnosis. The Standardized World Health Organization (WHO Protocal) Medical Bone Density Scan is only a 2 site Bone Scan (Lumbar Lower Back and the Hip) and is the one that is used for medical diagnosis of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. Based upon any results showing low bone density scores from the Whole Body Density Screen, individuals may want to discuss their findings with their doctor, and pursue further testing and diagnosis.

  • Know your Total Body Bone Health-
    • Add Whole Body Bone Density Screen to your Body Composition Test : $50.00
    • (Typically only needed to be done on first scan, as Bone Density does not change much in the normal population over a year or two, Changes in Bone Density are observed over shorter intervals in those persons being treated for Osteoporosis with medications (increased bone density), or with those individuals experiencing  rapid weight loss due to Anorexia, Bulimia, or Weight Loss Surgery (decreased bone density).