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This is important for athletes striving for potentially low body fat levels, such as wrestlers, gymnasts, rowers, dancers, swimmers, and long distance runners. The goal is to achieve a balance of fat weight in proportion to lean muscle mass so that optimal performance is achieved, while health is improved or maintained. </p> <p>Percent body fat values for athletes typically range from 6% - 15% in males, and 14% - 20% in females, varying between sports and positions. </p> <p>Competitive wrestlers may strive for weight classes that are unrealistic low, given their individual percent fat. Optimal percent fat should not go below 6-7% percent. If a wrestler struggles to achieve a weight class that puts him at 2 or 3% he will have lost strength (lean muscle) and will not be able to compete as well as if he weighed more and were stronger.</p> <p>Essential fat for females is at least 12%-15%. If a young female athlete experiences amenorrhea (no longer having periods) she is too lean. Experts say this causes loss of calcium from bones, and potential long term health problems, often seen in long distance female runners, as well as with those who experience anorexia and bulimia. </p> <p>Professionals, such as MD's, Nutritionists and Exercise Physiologists, who have the knowledge, and utilize accurate body composition measurement instrumentation, can determine an individual's ideal anatomical body weight. </p> <p>For additional information on body composition, or to schedule an appointment call 425-820-2110.</p><b> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p></p></b></font> <!-- content cell0.content0 end --> </td></tr> </table> </td> <!-- column 0 end --> </tr> </table> <!-- row 0 end --> <!-- </table> -- > <!-- layout style = 2 end --> </td> </tr> </table> <!-- siteState = --></body> </html>