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MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE</font></strong></p> <p><font face="times new roman" size="4"><strong>B. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: HANDS ON BY M.D</strong></font></p> <ul></font><font face="Arial"> <li><font face="times new roman">VITAL SIGNS: BP, TEMP, PULSE, RESPIRATORY RATE </font> <li><font face="times new roman">HEAD, EYES, EARS, NOSE, THROAT </font> <li><font face="times new roman">NECK </font> <li><font face="times new roman">CARDIOVASCULAR: EKG, HEART SOUNDS </font> <li><font face="times new roman">PULMONARY </font> <li><font face="times new roman">GASTROINTESTINAL: DIGITAL RECTAL EXAM</font> <li><font face="times new roman">MALE: RECTUM & LOWER ABDOMINAL MASSES, PROSTATE</font> <li><font face="times new roman">FEMALE: RECTUM & LOWER ABDOMINAL MASSES</font> <li><font face="times new roman">GENITO-URINARY</font> <li></font><font face="times new roman">MALE: GENITALIA, PROSTATE</font> <li><font face="times new roman">FEMALE: PELVIC, BREAST-CLINICAL</font> <li><font face="times new roman">LYMPH NODES </font> <li><font face="times new roman">NEUROLOGICAL: CRANIAL, PERIPHERAL NERVES, MOTOR, SENSORY, REFLEXES </font> <li><font face="times new roman">MUSCULOSKELETAL </font> <li><font face="times new roman">SKIN</font></li></ul> <p align="left"><font face="times new roman"></font><b><font face="Arial" size="5">&nbsp;</p> <p><font face="times new roman" size="4">C. PRE PHYSICAL LABORATORY TESTS</font></p> <ul></b></font><font face="Arial"> <li><font face="times new roman">CBC: WBC, DIFFERENTIAL, RBC, PLATELETS </font> <li><font face="times new roman">METABOLIC PANEL </font> <li><font face="times new roman">LIVER FUNCTION: SGOT/AST, SGPT/ALT, LDH, ALKALINE PHOS., BILIRUBIN</font> <li><font face="times new roman">LIPID PROFILE: TRIGLYCERIDES, TOTALCHOLESTEROL; , LDL-C, HDL-C, TOTAL CHOL/HDL-C RATIO</font> <li><font face="times new roman">GLUCOSE </font> <li><font face="times new roman">BUN </font> <li><font face="times new roman">CREATININE </font> <li><font face="times new roman">ELECTROLYTES: SODIUM, POTASSIUM, CALCIUM </font> <li><font face="times new roman">CARBON DIOXIDE </font> <li><font face="times new roman">TOTAL PROTEIN </font> <li><font face="times new roman">ALBUMIN </font> <li><font face="times new roman">URINALYSIS: DIP STICK, MICROSCOPIC, HEMOCULT</font></li></ul> <p align="left"></font><font face="times new roman"></font><font face="Arial" size="5">&nbsp;</p> <p><font face="times new roman" size="4"><strong>D. SUPPLEMENTAL DIAGNOSTIC EVALUATIONS</strong></font></p> <ul></font><font face="Arial"> <li><font face="times new roman">BODY COMPOSITION UTILIZING ACCURATE WHOLE BODY </font> <li><font face="times new roman">PLETHYSMOGRAPHY, LEAN WT., FAT WT., % FAT, IDEAL WT.</font> <li><font face="times new roman">VISION TESTS: NEAR, DISTANT, PERIPHERAL, COLOR </font> <li><font face="times new roman">HEARING PULMONARY: SPIROMETRY, SPIROGRAM, FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC </font> <li><font face="times new roman">CHEST X RAY </font> <li><font face="times new roman">MAXIMAL FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY, CLINICAL CARDIAC AND PULMONARY TREADMILL EXERCISE STRESS TEST </font> <li><font face="times new roman">CANCER SCREENING</font> <li><font face="times new roman">MALE: PSA.</font> <li><font face="times new roman">FEMALE: MAMMOGRAM, PAP SMEAR</font> <li><font face="times new roman">BONE DENSITY</font></li></ul> <p align="left"></font><font face="times new roman"></font><b><font face="Arial" size="5">&nbsp;</p> <p><font face="times new roman"><font size="4">E. IMMUNIZATION AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE </font><font size="4">SCREENING</font></font></p> <ul></b></font><font face="Arial"> <li></font><font face="times new roman">VACCINATIONS UPDATES </font> <li><font face="Arial"><font face="times new roman">TETANUS (10 YRS), </font> <li><font face="times new roman">DIPTHERIA, MMR ( MEASLES-1957, MUMPS-1957, RUBELLA) </font> <li><font face="times new roman">HEPATITUS: A&B; SUGGESTED, C; BASELINE ANTIBODY TESTS, </font> <li><font face="times new roman">VARICELLA: OFFERED, BUT NOT REQUIRED </font> <li><font face="times new roman">INFLUENZA: OFFERED EACH WINTER, BUT NOT REQUIRED </font> <li><font face="times new roman">TUBERCULOSIS: PPD-ANNUAL, CHEST X RAY IF POSITIVE </font> <li><font face="times new roman">HIV TESTING: OPTIONAL, OFFERED CONFIDENTIALLY (PATIENT)</font> </li></ul> <p><font size="4"><strong><font face="times new roman">F. FOLLOW-UP OR REFERRAL TO HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER</font> </strong></font></p> <dir></font><b><font face="Arial" size="5"></dir> <ul></b></font><font face="Arial" size="4"> <li><font face="times new roman"><font size="3">ABNORMAL/POSITIVE FINDINGS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED WITH FOLLOW-UPS AND REFERRALS</font> </font> <li><font size="3"><font face="times new roman">REVACCINATION OR INTERVENTION FOLLOWING EXPOSURES<b> </b></font></font></li></ul> <p><b><font face="times new roman">G. INDIVUALIZED HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PLAN AND COMPUTERIZED HEALTH RISK APPRAISAL<font size="4"> </font></font></p> <dir></font><font face="Arial" size="5"></font><font face="Arial" size="4"></dir> <ul></b> <li><font face="times new roman" size="3">WRITTEN FEEDBACK CONCERNING HEALTH RISKS AND HEALTH STATUS WITH ACTION PLAN </font></li></ul> <ul> <li><font face="times new roman" size="3">CONSULTATION SESSION WITH REVIEW OF ALL FINDINGS AND INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS AND HEALTH PLAN</font></li></ul> <p align="left"><font face="times new roman"></font></font><b><i><u><font face="Arial" size="6">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center"><font face="times new roman" color="firebrick">FIRE DEPARTMENTS AND POLICE DEPARTMENTS</font></p> <p align="left"><font face="times new roman"></font></b></u></font><font face="Arial" color="#800000" size="7">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center"><font face="times new roman" color="midnightblue" size="6"><strong><u>PHYSICAL EXAM PROGRAM</u></strong></font></p> <p align="left"></font><font face="Arial" size="4">&nbsp;</p> <p><font face="times new roman">*COSTS COVERED BY BENEFITS PLAN </font></font><font face="times new roman">(NON<font size="4">-</font>HMO</font><font face="Arial" size="4"><font face="times new roman">), depending on coverage plan</font></p> <p align="left"></i></font><font face="Arial" color="#808080" size="4">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center">THIS IS A COMPREHENSIVE EXAM BASED ON THE NEEDS OF THE ACTIVE FIREFIGHTER and POLICE OFFICER FACING CONTINUING MEDICAL AND FITNESS STANDARDS</font><font face="Arial" size="4">.</p> <p align="center"></p><b><i> <p align="center">FIND OUT YOUR CURRENT HEALTH AND FITNESS STATUS AND RECEIVE A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS</p> <p align="center"></p></font><font face="Arial" color="#800000" size="4"> <p align="center">BUILDING THE FOUNDATION FOR A HEALTHY AND FIT FUTURE</p> <dir></i></font><u><font face="Arial" color="#800000" size="6"> <p align="left"><font face="times new roman" color="#000000" size="5">THE PHYSICAL EXAM</font></p></dir> <ul></b></u></font><font face="Arial"> <li><font face="times new roman">MEDICAL HISTORY </font> <li><font face="times new roman">PRE-PHYSICAL LABORATORY TEST</font> <li><font face="times new roman">BLOOD / URINE</font> <li><font face="times new roman">COMPLETE PHYSICAL EXAM BY M.D. </font> <li><font face="times new roman">VISION / HEARING / PULMONARY / CHEST X-RAY </font> <li><font face="times new roman">MAX FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY TREADMILL TEST </font> <li><font face="times new roman">CANCER SCREENING MALE / FEMALE </font> <li><font face="times new roman">HEART RISK SCREENING </font> <li><font face="times new roman">IMMUNIZATI0N UPDATES </font> <li><font face="times new roman">STRENGTH TESTING FOR SPECIFIC JOB TASKS </font> <li><font face="times new roman">OPTIONAL BODY COMPOSITION / IDEAL WT* </font> <li><font face="times new roman">APPROPRIATE REFERRALS FOR M.D. FOLLOW-UP</font></li></ul> <p align="left"></font><font face="times new roman"><font size="4"></font></font><b><u><font face="Arial" color="#800000" size="6">&nbsp;</p> <p><font face="times new roman" color="#000000" size="5">THE INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN</font></p> <ul></b></u></font><font face="Arial"> <li><font face="times new roman">REVIEW OF FINDINGS AND HEALTH STATUS </font> <li><font face="times new roman">WRITTEN / VERBAL FEED BACK ON HEALTH RISKS </font> <li><font face="times new roman">SPECIFIC ACTION PLAN</font></li></ul> <p><font face="times new roman" size="5"><strong><u>APPROPRIATE REFERRALS FOR M.D. FOLLOW-UP</u></strong></font></p> <p><font face="times new roman" size="5"><strong><u>MEDICATION / PRESCRIPTIONS</u></strong></font></p> <dir> <dir> <p><font face="times new roman">EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION FOR STRENGTH & CARDIOVASULAR IMPROVEMENTS</font></p> <p><font face="times new roman">LIFESTYLE CHANGES / MODIFICATIONS</font></p></dir></dir> <p><font face="times new roman">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; DIET / NUTRITION / WEIGHT LOSS *</font></p> <p><font face="times new roman" size="2"><strong><em>*BODY COMPOSITION IS OPTIONAL FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF $35.00. This is a state of the art $35,000 system which utilizes whole body plethysmogrophy. It yields fat wt., fat %,. lean wt. , and ideal wt.</em></strong></font></p> <p align="left"></font><font face="times new roman"></font><font face="Arial" size="4">&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p></font> <!-- content cell0.content0 end --> </td></tr> </table> </td> <!-- column 0 end --> </tr> </table> <!-- row 0 end --> <!-- </table> -- > <!-- layout style = 2 end --> </td> </tr> </table> <!-- siteState = --></body> </html>